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Carla Strombeck Hornung is the granddaughter of American missionaries to Peru. She and her husband Sergio are leaders of the Agua Viva (Living Water) Church in Lima, Peru. The church has 7 campuses in Lima, a total of 40,000 members. Carla works with young people and children in the church and has a passion for preparing people from a very young age to serve the Lord. She and her husband have been married for 15 years and have 4 children.


Joakim Lundqvist is the Senior Pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala Sweden and the founder of New Generation in Sweden –  one of the largest youth organisations in the nation. He is a very popular speaker that preaches in many countries. His passionate and creative sermons stay in your heart and mind and inspire you to an outgoing lifestyle with Jesus in the center.


Sebastian Asklund is the Youth Pastor of Word of Life Church in Uppsala. His insanely positive mindset is contagious and his life and message declares that nothing is impossible. His preaching will bring you on a journey closer to Jesus and help you to live for others.