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You don’t need to worry about food. You find inexpensive food in the Conference area. Breakfast costs around 30 SEK and lunch or dinner around 65 SEK. Of course you can grab a gluten free, lactose free and vegetarian bite if you’d rather have that.

If you wanna be really fancy you can prebook a food package through the form below. In the food package breakfast is included Thursday to Sunday and lunch and dinner Thursday to Saturday.

All this for only 450 SEK which you pay in the Information Desk when you pick up your ticket.


Pay either 50 SEK/night or 200 SEK for accommodation during the whole conference. You book it through the form below and pay at arrival. Simple, cheap and great!

Just remember to bring your own sleeping bag, sleeping pad or air mattress. Some warmer clothes is always nice. A pillow could be good. You definitely need some deodorant and a tooth brush. You get it.

Book here!


Here you can put down your request for the conference so we know better what languages are wanted. At this moment we can guarantee English but hope to be able to cover more languages. All interpretation will be free of charge.

Book Interpretation


Are you a youth pastor, youth leader or maybe a leader of a Christian School group? We would love to meet you and fellowship and encourage you in your important task. 

Ask for more information in the info desk upon arrival. 


We will have the following sports tournaments: volleyball (Thursday), floor ball (Friday) and soccer (Saturday). For soccer and floor ball you need three players on field and for volleyball two players is recquired.

Please email your team names to or notify us at the conference desk.